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One of the main objectives of the House System is to foster in students a sense of collective responsibility and solidarity, at the same time enkindling and developing the latent potentials in every child.
There are Four Houses in the School:
 Name  Feast  Colour  Ideal  Symbol
 Matthew  Sept 21  Red  Fidelity  Anchor
 Luke  Oct 18  Yellow  Zeal  Flame
 John  Dec 27  Green  Love  Heart
 Mark  April 25  Blue  Valour  Cross
Due recognition is given to the house that excels in discipline, academic work, sports and extra-curricular activities. Every child in the school belongs to one of these houses, and she/he is encouraged to contribute her/his best towards the good name of her/his house.
In doing so, the child benefits most. Each house has its own Saint after whom it has been named and its own house colour, ideal and symbol. The exemplary life of the patron is meant to inspire the members of the house to aspire towards good. The ideal and symbol depict certain virtues and qualities, which the house members are expected to inculcate in themselves.